Air Purification System

We recently installed a new HVAC air purifier system throughout our office as an extra layer of protection against viruses and germs. This is a significant addition to our office as we aim to keep our environment healthy for all our patients and staff. Ensuring that our staff and visitors wear masks throughout the day is an additional effective way of reducing a virus transmission.

Learn more about how our new system improves the overall air quality in our office and promotes healthy living. Dr. Melissa speaks with Blue Frost Heating & Cooling Co. about the similarities between the inner workings of the human body and HVAC systems.

Water is one of the building blocks of life and maintaining the right level of hydration in your body is essential. Similarly, the proper amount of hydration is critical to your environment, which is why we need the perfect amount of humidity in our office. Hear more about water and hydration here:

Another similarity is how the body’s immune system fills the blood with cells that find and attack viruses and bacteria that may be harmful. By adding a high efficient air filtration system, it works correspondingly by flooding the air with ions that find and attack viruses in the air and on surfaces. Learn how this works here:

Dr. Melissa explains how the body has an intricate system of keeping itself clean full of oxygen and fights off viruses. Our office system has a very similar structure in place to keep our environment healthy by pumping air into every room through the use of a circulator fan. This is a good analogy to how the heart uses veins to pull used blood cells back through efficient filters and replenishes the clean blood with oxygen through the lungs expelling carbon dioxide. Listen more about circulatory systems and how they relate here: